About Click On Tyler

Founded in 2007, Click On Tyler is a small development shop run by me, Tyler Hall, based out of Nashville, TN. We make productivity-boosting Mac apps for web developers and designers.

Contact Us

sales@clickontyler.com (for volume and corporate orders)

Call or Text
You can also call or text us at  +1 (615) 200-8705, but please know that we're a company of one person — so you'll likely have to leave a message, but I will call you back as soon as I can.

Snail Mail
Click On Tyler
PO Box 680756
Franklin, TN 37068
United States

Support Questions

Take a look through our support website and frequently asked questions. It's often the quickest way to get help — especially at night or on American holidays.

You can lookup lost serial numbers and order information here.

Or, feel free to email your questions, feature suggestions, and bug reports directly to help@clickontyler.com. A real human (me!) reads every email and will get back to you as soon as possible. Usually within a few hours, but always within a day.

We make other apps, too! (They're kinda like side projects - but we hope you like them.)

CommandQ 2.0

Have you ever accidentally hit ⌘Q and quit an app when you really meant to press ⌘W to close a window? CommandQ stops apps from quitting unless you hold down ⌘Q for a short delay. This gives you time to catch your mistake and let go before the app quits. Simple. Effective. Awesome.


Rebudget is a wonderfully simple way to visualize your personal budget over time. See the natural ebb and flow of your balance as paychecks arrive, recurring bills go out, and unexpected expenses arise.


Triage is the best way to mange the thousands of photos stuck in your phone's camera roll. Sort the best into albums, archive the ones worth keeping, and throw away the rest. Available now! - only for macOS.