Hobo 1.1.0 is Now Available

Monday, February 02, 2015

Last week I released version 1.1.0 of Hobo with two new features.

Remote Document Updating

First, is remote Hobo document updating.

Commercial licenses of Hobo version 1.1.0 and above have the ability to remotely update Hobo documents on your employees' or coworkers' computers. To do so...

1) Create and setup your Hobo document as you normally would.

2) Edit your document's Remote URL from the "Advanced" menu. This URL should point to the web accessible location of where you intend to serve your Hobo document.

3) While editing the Remote URL, give your Hobo document a revision number. This number must be an integer.

4) Save your Hobo document and upload it to the Remote URL you specified earlier.

5) Distribute the Hobo document to your employees.

Then, the next time you make a change to the Hobo document, simply increment the revision number and re-upload the document. Hobo will automatically detect the new version and offer to upgrade the document on your employees' system. It will be up to them to accept the update and then reload their virtual machine.

Future versions of Hobo will offer the option to automatically reload or provision the virtual machine as soon as the Hobo document is updated. We're also considering adding support for forced upgrades that the user cannot ignore. We' love to hear your feedback on this issue or anything else relating to Hobo's remote updating feature.

Hobo Document Preamble

Beginning with Hobo version 1.1.0, you can now add custom Vagrant/Ruby commands to your Hobo document's "Preamble".

When you export your Vagrantfile, the commands you add to the preamble will appear at the top of the Vagrantfile above the Vagrant configuration block. Here's an example Vagrantfile with the preamble noted...

# The commands you add to your Hobo document's Preamble will be inserted here.

Vagrant.configure("2") do |config| = "ubuntu/trusty64"
    config.vm.provision :shell, path: "" :forwarded_port, host: 8080, guest: 80

You can edit your document's Preamble by choosing "Edit Vagrantfile Preamble" from the "Advanced" menu.

I hope these two new features make Hobo and even better Vagrant solution for your Mac. Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions.